horse care
These are some of the essential items I carry in my shop for Fly Control, Grooming, Bathing, Health and Medical, Feed and Treats, Tack Care and Other Fun Stuff!
Fly Control
Grooming​ and Bathing¬†Tools
Bathing and Beauty products

Exclusive Distributor of Daisy Cakes!!

Tack Care

Exclusive Distributor of Susie's Bomb Balm

Other Fun Stuff
Essential Tack Care Kit

  • Bently Bars - Pot de Creme
  • Susie's Bomb Balm
  • Half Dome Tack Sponge
Essential Daily Grooming Kit

  • Ultimate Hoof Pick Jr
  • Jelly Curry Comb
  • Hard Brush
  • Body Brush
  • Mane and Tail Comb
  • Small Soft Sponge for Goopey things
Essential First Aid for Minor Everyday Issues

  • Thermometer
  • Small Scissors
  • 2 Wraps (quilts and bandage)
  • Nolvasan
  • Corona Ointment
  • Vetricyn
  • Guaze
  • Vetwrap
  • Epsom Salt
These Essential Kits should be in every horse owners tack trunk or tack room!

They are sold in packages with the listed items. These are my favorite go to items, but as I learn and grow these lists may evolve. Check back if you have questions!